Farms, Food, and Finances

Farms, Food, and Finances

All of us with Team Perka really LOVE OUR FARMERS! Since our founder “ET” began way back in 1981, rooted in his own humble beginning as a son of a farmer, men and women of the earth’s fields always held the highest stature in our eyes! We just can’t exist without our food supply chain… and they are right at the ROOT of it all – (puns intended!)

Perka Hybrid Buildings can be used almost anywhere around the farm yard or even in the fields, as farmers have been one of our most valued clients over our near 40 year history.

Unfortunately, and it is sad to see, farmers are struggling right now. There are a lot of questions surrounding farmers and the food they produce. People are ever more curious to know where their food comes from… how it is grown, and then where is it going!? Fear not, O wise ones who read this blog. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the main questions about what’s happening in the food industry.

Farmer looking at his big farmLet’s begin at the farm, the actual source of our entire food supply chain. (No, it’s not the “store”!!) Farmers are currently being forced to eradicate months’ worth of work because the demand for their services is not as the same and therefore not as timely as it once was and therefore not as “great”.

But wait… if anything, shouldn’t their demand be greater? One might think that at least the same if not even more people are still hungry and possibly even without supplies or access now than they were before quarantine/shelter. Schools have been shut down, and most restaurants are only open for a drive-through or curbside pickup. People are eating at home more often.

Food that goes to restaurants and schools is packaged much differently than food that gets distributed to the public. Meat, cheese, fruits, and vegetables are transported to restaurants in much larger quantities than that same cuisine being bought at a grocery store. The problem is, sadly for the moment, is that the farmers don’t have the capacity or resources to package their own goods, and much food has been left to rot. That said there have been some bright lights standing out in the darkness of current uncertainties as we try to figure this out.

dairy cattleOne Pennsylvania farmer, Mr. Ben Brown, came up with an alternative to dumping the milk from his many cows. He was fortunate to have access to equipment that would allow him to process the milk himself. He worked long and hard to make sure he wouldn’t have to waste an ounce of his milk… even if that meant waking up at midnight to continue bottling. His farm opened up for people to come buy his milk, and he sold out in a matter of hours. Pretty inspiring, isn’t it? Thankfully more of those sort of pivots are happening as we speak!! In our home town here of St. Joseph, MO – people have organized a FREE farm to family distribution by volunteers to GIVE AWAY the food that might otherwise get wasted. They meet in our shopping center parking lot – three times a week and cars line up to take fruits, vegetables, dairy products they can use or pay forward themselves.

The next link in our “food chain” is the processing plants. What’s happening there? Unfortunately, over 14,000 cases of COVID-19 have been linked to meat processing plants across the United States. It seems that it has been difficult to maintain social distance and take other safety precautions when working in a processing plant. New measures have been slow to implement. If any sick person continues to work at such a place, they not only expose their co-workers, but potentially anyone who eats the food that may have been handled by the sick person. As such, companies like Tyson Foods, Smithfield Foods, and JBS have closed one or more of their plants around the country. Since these processing locations have closed, farmers have had no way to slaughter and distribute the meat they produce; millions of animals have gone to waste.

So as we see this happening, we also see that there is by no means a shortage of food; there is only an insufficiency of processing and handling. Because of the causal difference in a lower supply and still the same demand, meat prices have skyrocketed, and we may not see as much of certain foods (the healthier kind) on the shelves at the grocery store in the coming months.

Rustic Silverware

And this brings us to the final link in the food supply chain: you. The consumer. The “eater”!! What can we do to help your local farmers?

Wherever you can, buying locally grown food, like from the people who supported Ben Brown – can make a huge difference – right up front.
Also, we can mindfully choose to follow recommended quarantine protocols, so that we can aid in mitigating and hopefully ending the spread of COVID-19; if there could come a day. sooner than later, where we can confidently say that we have contained the spread (till safe medicine is available) this will most definitely help our farms and food industry bounce back sooner.
And if you decide to plant some of your own fruits and vegetables while you’re more at home these days with more telework and certainly less travelling, we would love to help you with any possible building add on needs! Perka’s hybrid buildings work well for greenhouses, crop storage, or any form of agricultural, farmer, rancher needs.
If you are interested in more information about the food shortages in America, check out these related articles: Tyson, pigs, vegetables, plants closing.
And, as always, for more information about Perka buildings, contact us. We’d love to help you as and if you embark on your new or next food, farming and financially friendly adventure!  

Why Pick Perka Hybrid Buildings?

Why Pick Perka Hybrid Buildings?

There’s one question that I know everyone has asked at some point in their lives. Most of us use it several times a day: “Why?” Whether it’s a child- “Why do I have to eat vegetables?”- or a teenager- “Why can’t I go to the party?”- or an adult- “Why do I have to deal with all this stuff during COVID-19?”. We all wonder “why”, and we wonder a lot. That’s why, today, we’re here to help set your mind at ease about one particular “why”: “Why Perka Hybrid Buildings?” Why should you choose to build with Team Perka? Why should you choose to build at all?

As Team Perka, our goal (and our pleasure) is to help YOU find the perfect most stress free building solution that can best serve YOUR needs and maybe even wants. Whether it’s a Barndominium or Shouse so you can have more work and play space at home, or a She Shed for crafts and hobbies, a garage to store your prized and maybe even not so prized possessions – or any other customizable building you can think of, we can help! But there’s the question again… why do you need a specialized, made to order, kind of building? We have an answer, solution, to that too. Check out these great reasons for choosing any one of our many value added Perka Hybrid buildings.

  1. At-home office: With everyone working from home right now, your house can become CROWDED. Not to mention, you may have kids on summer break, or you’ve decided to help take care of another in your family… which means that you may have to meet a few extra and sometimes constant demands. While we can’t give you your old cubicle back, or that sometimes taken for granted space at the office, we CAN help provide you with an addition to your house: a quiet space for getting work done with less interruptions, more inspiration and maybe even some “quiet time for reflection, visualization, prayer? While we will never take it for granted, it would be much better than your dining room table! Yes?

  2. Great storage space: Whether you want to acquire a strong Perka Hybrid building for domestic, business, industrial or agricultural use, it will give you access to the always much-needed, never having enough, storage space. Perka Hybrid Buildings are great space makers to put extra home, business or farm equipment. Just think, now, instead of using your garage for storage, you’ll be able to actually fit your car into it! AMIRIGHT?

  3. Personal get-away: Even though you can’t quite travel right now, (at least without taking some risk to your and your loved one’s health) you can have a personal get-away to stay-cay in your own backyard! Whether it’s a man cave, brother barn, hunting cabin or pal palace for him, a she shed, sister shack, craft cabana or a Lady Loft for her, or even playhouse or kiddo cabin for the kids, we’ve got you covered! We’d be even tickled happy happy to help; the more creative the better! Let us know how we can assist you as you start your at-home 2020 Stay-Cation. Backyard cruise adventure! Contact us here; we would love to hear from you.

  4. Work from home: Ok, so maybe you aren’t interested in an addition to your house, or you just don’t quite have the space where you are at. Perhaps you are looking at making a possible towards a barndominium or shouse style residence, a place where you can live and work in the same building. Real estate prices are up, mortgage interest is down, home inventory is getting sparser – building a home is becoming in higher demand and proving to be a very good long term investment with immediate HIGH RETURN USE VALUE! PERKA hybrid buildings offer the perfect place to combine your work, hobbies, play and have an actual HOME. Not just a “house” or “residence” — a HOME!! This way, you can do what you love and love what you do every day! As Team Perka, our greatest pleasure is helping YOU realize “dreams”! What sort of “life” are you dreaming about? Can building your own “oasis” make a difference for the better? We hope that you’ll let Perka be a part of your dream workspace/home. WE DO LOVE TO HELP!

Now, you understand why it might be a GREAT idea to purchase a hybrid building, you may still be wondering… “Why should I buy it from Team Perka?” Does who I buy from really make a difference?

Perka was founded on ideals of integrity, faith, fairness, truth, excellence and a genuine love for their fellow man/woman. All of our teammates are coached, encouraged, inspired and committed to finding the best, most stress free, serving fit of a building solution for you, your family and YOUR TEAM!
As Team Perka, we endeavor to focus on keeping things “S.A.F.E.R.: Strong, Affordable, Flexible, Easy, Resilient.” And you will find that these traits are true of our buildings AND each one of our dedicated employees. We are less concerned with earning your money than we are with EARNING YOUR TRUST! You, our client, our neighbor, our fellow earth traveller, our friend, are our highest priority.
Are you ready to begin your journey with Team Perka? Your happiness and well being is our mission! Contact Us Here

Living in a S.A.F.E.R. World in the Midst of a Pandemic

Living in a S.A.F.E.R. World in the Midst of a Pandemic

Blog submitted by Olivia Truesdale

Back in February, Kansas City experienced one of its most epic moments ever: Winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LIV.

After the Chiefs won, there were parties and parades. The city could not stop celebrating! However, I had a friend who was unable to watch the game in real time, so she settled in and watched the recorded game. She, of course, already knew what was going to happen: The Chiefs were going to win. It was all over the papers! Everyone knew! (They had already won!) Still, when the Chiefs were down by ten points at the end of the third quarter, she couldn’t help but be a little nervous.

Even when we know the outcome, it can be difficult to stay positive, especially when in a given moment, all hope looks lost. It’s like we know that we will eventually beat this COVID-19/Corona Virus challenge. In the meantime, everyone is (as we should be) concerned for their own health, as well as the health of others.

We at Team Perka are committed to keeping you out of harm’s way, and we want you to stay S.A.F.E.R. too. Wait, aren’t those the same thing? At Perka, our motto, “S.A.F.E.R”, stands for “Strong, Affordable, Flexible, Easy, Resilient”. How can we at Perka (and you at home!) live in a S.A.F.E.R. world even in the midst of a pandemic?

STRONG: It can be quite the challenge to remain strong during our present situation. As humans, we often feel that we have to be strong for everyone: kids, spouse, parents, co-workers, etc. However, being strong doesn’t always mean “having everything under control”. It takes strength to be vulnerable and honest, especially when you don’t have everything under control. It takes strength to stay positively optimistic… especially when living through your very first global pandemic! Life is quite different and often difficult right now. At Perka, we stay strong by continuing in our readiness to help. Contact us at; we’d love to know how we can help you!

AFFORDABLE: With all the prices of different commodities going up and down, how do you STAY SANE??? It can be difficult to figure things out, especially price-wise. We, however, have NOT raised our prices or changed our company values. In fact we have offered incentives to help our clients to help us keep our team busy throughout. We are always seeking ways to create value and find the best fit and best price for you and your dream project!

FLEXIBLE: Stay loose and adaptable! With everything changing and evolving as much and as quick as it is, the only thing we can do is respond, adjust and change right along with it. It seems that information, recommendations, guidelines, and LIFE is changing, and sometimes even contradicting itself, by the minute! We must not get bogged down with the stress of change. Keep traditions where we can, and remember that our life is not the only one that is affected by COVID-19. At Perka, we remain open for business and are always at the ready to help Y-O-U!

EASY: Keep it simple, and don’t worry! Hopefully, a Perka building project can be a part of doing what is easiest and most efficient for you and your loved ones. Or, as we like to say, “Keep It SAFER and Simple” (KISS). We want to be part of keeping things safe and simple for you and your family now, during the current pandemic and “tomorrow”, as we go.

RESILIENT: When we all come out of our “going within” or “staying in” or “quarantine”, after this pandemic has been resolved, it may still be difficult, or awkward, to adjust to all the new rules and way of life that we may have evolved into. We can’t let that discourage us; we must continue to bounce back from the difficulties this pandemic, and this year in particular, is exposing . Hopefully, things will soon be back to a form of “normal”, though it may take some time for them to be a fully embraced “normal” again. In the meantime, stay confident. Never forget that we at Perka are on your side, helping us bounce back and stay strong in the game!

And voilà! What do you think? That’s how we stay S.A.F.E.R and how you can stay S.A.F.E.R., too.

For more info about how we can help you stay SAFER – CLICK HERE.


GIVE UP, GIVE IN OR GIVE MORE – “Winners never Quit”. UPDATE 4/16/2020

“Winners Never Quit”.

With 7 important and invaluable tips to stay ahead of the curve.

How about this current experience that we ALL find ourselves in these days?  What are you thinking?

If it were a football game or a hockey game, and we had just gone through a most disastrous quarter or period of scores/goals against, “turnovers”, “setbacks”, “uncertainties” and “injuries”, what would you do?

And what if the likely outcome for any sort of “victory” looked anything but probable let alone possible, what is the plan?

What are the options Coach?  Give up? Give in? or Give more?

Would we GIVE UP and “quit” to just END THE GAME right there?  Or would we GIVE IN and just go through motions to get this whole thing over with ASAP and start again another day?  Or might we seek out to GIVE MORE, and crunch each moment into an opportunity to grow, to learn, to adjust, to evolve and maybe even to transcend into something even greater?

These can be things to make you go hmmm, eh?

If the 2020 Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, led by the remarkable phenom Patrick Mahomes, are an example of the potential impact of a GIVE MORE practice and mindset, then one can readily see that, even in the face of something even futile, applying consistent, determined, moment to moment, synergized effort, discipline and dare I say faith or belief, one can still “prevail” and overcome!!  DO YOU BELIEVE?

Not unlike this Covid-19 pandemic, most of us are facing totally unexpected and unplanned-for setbacks, losses, changes, uncertainties and, for some, sickness (and God forbid, death).  What do we do?

For many, who are probably some of the more fortunate ones, we are working from home.  With all the possible disruptions we are enduring, we are still able to be and do something productive, in some form of comfort, that can still add value to our business, our job, our lives, our selves, our community, our world.

For some others, it is work, almost as usual.  Albeit with social distancing protocols, hyper hygiene habits, though still in a factory, warehouse or job site setting.  (And most thankfully, not a war zone.)

For a certain other group of strong, brave, devoted, courageous and no doubt dearly admired, appreciated and needed – they face daily overwhelm and un-bargained for risks, as they serve, every day, selflessly, to keep our world tended to, cared for, fed, sheltered or otherwise protected.

And yet for another group, most unfortunately, they are out of work, out of purpose, running out of resources and no doubt experiencing fear and an almost unbearable amount of uncertainty!

What do we do?

Thankfully, for those who are able and willing, there is an overwhelming consensus to reach out and help each other.  Protect each other.  Connect with each other. In fact, there are many businesses, not for profits, churches, service clubs, individuals and local governments – who are pro-actively seeking out to be our brother’s and sister’s keepers.  #Inthistogether.

So, if you are reading this now, and are finding yourself in a place that knows not what to do, and would be served by some help with a call for you to seek out some sort of assistance – feel free to reach out to us.   Team Perka is currently working with many agencies from Rotary International, to United Way, to Kiwanis, to the Optimist Club, to our Chamber of Commerce, to the Second Harvest Food Bank and with many of our family, local businesses, friends and neighbors to be on call to assist.  No one needs to go through this alone.  Resources from all sectors of our society are being deployed to help.  Please call.  Reach out.  Ask!

And, if you are debating on what to do with your current new construction, retrofit, remodel or re-purpose of your building or expansion plans, there actually might exist, TODAY, HERE and NOW, a very good open opportunity of extra available time, readily accessible talents, more accessible resources and even lowered interest rates and costs that you could take advantage of immediately to still keep moving things forward, despite all the uncertainty.

I’d be remiss not to mention that most of the business leaders in our building industry are noticing a pent-up demand that is exponentially growing every day, which could literally and significantly bottle neck and possibly overwhelm schedules, especially once we do get an all clear.  This is not unlike what is happening in New York, Michigan, California, Illinois, Louisiana and Georgia hospitals. – That said, pretty much EVERYONE believes we will get that ALL CLEAR, it’s just a question of when! 

Our question is: where do you want to be when that happens?

To help you stay ahead of that upcoming event, here are seven very important and very doable things you can initiate right now!  TODAY!

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to apply for the Economic Injury Disaster Relief (EIDL) advance. You could get a forgivable $10,000 in relief.  (As of today’s writing, the system is already on overload and the demand will most likely cause for a fourth stimulus package, so it behooves you to get in that queue!) This one can take less than an hour to fill out.  Even though it says allow 2 hours – some have done it in 15 minutes!! Click here:
  2. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, sole proprietor or even self-employed with one or more employees – you could also qualify for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). There too you could get forgivable loans to help you keep all your employees paid and on YOUR staff.  For many of us it have been a big challenge to find and train great teammates.  The last thing we want is to lose them!  This will help everyone!  Apply for that NOW!  Fair warning: the queue line is growing there too.  But as one of leaders in our industry said – it is FREE MONEY to help keep our teammates employed!?  Who wouldn’t want to do that?  Go here for that info:  You will need to go through a SBA approved lender for this one.  (*** As of 4/16/2020 – the allocated amount for this “phase” has run out and there is talk of adding more —  the suggestion is to apply anyway – just in case!!)
  3. You can refinance any existing assets to take advantage of the current near zero interest rates. Your home, your office building, your church, your car, your warehouse, your home equity line – can all be possibly refinanced to new lower rates.  Banks are poised to refinancing that could save you several hundred dollars or more every month!
  4. Get your new construction loan set up for your shouse, barn, garage, barndominium, warehouse, hangar, store, shed, arena, stables or dream home, ready to deploy as soon as you want. There could be several steps to this process.  The sooner you start, the sooner you will have it done!  As you can see from the above – banks will be extra busy for a while too.  Don’t despair. GET IN THE QUEUE NOW ANYWAY!  Inaction is NOT AN OPTION.  At some point things will get back to some sort of new normal, — this is not the end of the world…  so it behooves us to stay in motion!  #KEEPMOVING…  the motion can create a vacuum for attraction.
  5. Begin the research process of getting exactly what you want for your new structure.   Strength. Affordability.  Flexibility. Ease. Resilience.  All very important factors to seek out and find out as much as you can about.   With the help of a trusted building adviser you will not need to rush or worry into a most stress-free building solution, and make sure you get the one designed for you and your circumstances!   You do not want to get this wrong!  Ask questions.  In fact, you can get a free white paper on the top 7 things to ask before you buy. Click here for that.  You might invest a bit more time and money up front – but this will pay back MANY FOLD in use value, long term savings, asset appreciation, ease of construction, little or no changes or rework, flexible retrofits and in so many other ways.
  6. Get yourself into the ever growing queue of pre-orders for their building drawings and materials by getting yours written up, drawings detailed out and approved with your building department and permit offices NOW.  While things appear to be slow in the overall economy and people planning — time is still of the essence!  This too shall pass.  In fact, for these code enforcement officers, while they may be working from home, they are actually responding quicker in relative terms, to most requests,   Reason for this could be since there are less people acting on their plans and they are actually available!  So, this would be a perfect time to get ahead on that.
  7. You can even begin on your site work (especially if you are DIY – Do-It-Yourselfer and are having to shelter in place at home), and can maybe even get the concrete poured right away;  as we also know weather (rain, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) can also put a wrench into building and construction plans… And, in reality, with only so many GOOD concrete guys around (it is a very highly skilled craft – DO NOT CUT CORNERS HERE!), you will be well served to get that in, with the best contractor you can, when you can get it done, as soon as you can!  This will help your builder who may have to change up his own queue by WHO IS READY TO GO NEXT!!  (Being ready could also get you a break in labor costs if your timing is right and the contractor needs to fill a gap… many will cut margins to keep the flow!)  A big key factor to this is COMMUNICATION!  DO NOT WAIT – COMMUNICATE.   The better you do this – the more stress free and actually enjoyable your experience will be.

Like the disaster relief funds that are being issued by the Federal Government CARES ACT, as big that number was, ($360 Billion) unfortunately, it appears that there won’t be enough to serve everyone.  (Just added as of 4/8/20 from a phone presentation by Senator Roy Blunt (MO) – there might be an add on of $250 Billion more! – $70B has already been issued he said!)   It was and is going to ever more be on a “first come first served” … so, it’s the doers and decision makers, – albeit calculated risk takers, who may very well come out of this ordeal on the better end of the recovery phase. (*** As of 4/16/2020 – the allocated amount for this “phase” has run out and there is talk of adding more —  the suggestion is to apply anyway – just in case!!)

As we might expect, there is definitely some pent up demand in so many ways of so many things… from going to restaurants, to theaters, to beaches, parks, parties, bars, weddings, birthdays, vacations, holidays, you name it…  people are chomping at the bit to “get out”.     While this experience may be dampening spirits for now, today, when we begin to get back to some sort of normalcy – people will be wanting to get out like it was the last day of high school – free for summer vacation!  Even if it’s not an ALL CLEAR – there will be some line up queues forming!  Where do you want to be?

It behooves those who can, and this looks very much like YOU who is still reading this now, the optimist, the hope filled spirit, the planner, the wise, the more fearless, the hungry, the doer, the person of ACTION – to KEEP ON MOVING, even if it’s small steps every day.  To quote Mike Dooley from TUT – “Your Zenith of Magnificence awaits”!


We too here at TEAM PERKA, are planning on this to pass…, because it will.  We take steps every day.  Making conscious choices and thought out decisions that will bring us closer to our goals, our intentions, our vision, our dreams, every single day.  The “destination” is actually the Journey.  Our purpose is to seek out the most Stress-free Solutions while Trusting Sincere Selfless Service.  #sssTsss.

Being a big fan of Simon Sinek, our intentional “WHY” culture at TEAM PERKA does rely a lot on this all being an Infinite Game.

So, we strive every day:

  1. To wake up every morning enthusiastic, inspired an engaged.
  2. To go through each and every one of those days on purpose, energized, lifting up our families, our mates, our friends, our neighbors.
  3. To go to bed at night feeling fulfilled and satisfied from a day well spent!

Are you with us?  Are we truly in this together? Even though temporarily apart?

Call us, – we want to help you tap into your reservoirs of tenacity, understanding and asset building for the future of your homestead, your business, your family, our community and our world!  Let’s do this!



W.T.F.? – Where’s The Food and Where’s The Farmer?

It’s now been several years since the Ag market has seen better days – not only for the price of the crops or livestock, but also for the actual wellbeing of our farmers and ranchers themselves.   So many great family farms have come under a lot of pressure, sometimes in the form of added stress and strain, and definitely having to do a lot of extra hard work, to do more with less… only to see it all get literally washed away…  and in an effort to stay buoyant… (Pun intended!!).

  Add to that, the on again off again global economic uncertainties, plus extreme and often unpredictable weather events and we get a pretty wild and crazy recipe for a whole lot of uncertainty.  Which is probably humanity’s 3rd greatest fear only after public speaking and death!

And now, (March, 2020) – what do we get?  How about global Pandemic?  Talk about evening out the playing field for almost every human being on the planet – literally!  I am pretty sure now, nearly everyone can have a front row seat to some of the stressors many farmers feel almost every day…   Can you relate?

Please don’t take this post in any “wrong” way.  It is not meant to be a downer — or even to be a discussion of any options or possible solutions or answers to anything.  Though it can certainly be part of a self-reflection process for stress-free solution seeking.   

I will admit that I do feel a bit overwhelmed by all the uncertainty and ambiguity, so, I thought I’d try to share some information or facts – that could possibly stir our individual and/or collective creative juices to seek out some innovative ideas and potential seeds to solutions.

On this first blog, post the declaration of the pandemic, which is now several weeks old, I wanted to try sharing some interesting, (at least to me), anecdotes or facts about our nationwide agriculture or farm industry…

In doing some research I quickly realized that there is a lot of information on the world wide web, which is easily accessible with no more effort than typing in a search string on google, bing, ask, yahoo or even baidu.   However, finding it and having it presented in a reader friendly and concise manner can sometimes be very welcoming and handy!

Team Perka, (Perka Hybrid Buildings), lives by our WHY (per Simon Sinek) of being Stress-free Solution Seekers Trusting Sincere Selfless Service.  And so, we thought to offer this information in a spirit of EASY ACCESSABILITY that fits inside our S.A.F.E.R. acronym! (Strong, Affordable, Flexible, Easy, Resilient).

After a couple searches of our own – we came across this link  In it you will definitely find more information than I am sharing below – but with a lot of ads and extra fluff to scroll through, which I find a royal pain!

For the sake of this particular post – below is an alphabetical list of the 50 States each with the MAIN agriculture product commodity that is their number one “CROP” along with the next three (if available) top crops for THAT state.  If you look this over and study it a bit – it is quite remarkable where a lot of our “Food” comes from!!  No, it’s not from the supermarket either!  Along with some interesting observations like 45 of the 50 states lists Cattle in their top 4 – which is probably the most “popular” crop in the country.  The answer to “where’s the BEEF” – is almost EVERYWHERE!! 

What other interesting correlations or trivia facts can you find?  One state list Blueberries as NUMBER ONE!? Who would have thought that?

  1. Alabama: Chickens. Other major crops: Cattle, corn, and peanuts
  2.  Alaska: Cattle. Other major crops: Potatoes, barley, and oats+
  3. Arizona: Cattle. Other major crops: Lettuce, spinach, and melons
  4. Arkansas: Chickens. Other major crops: Soybeans, rice, and cattle
  5. California: Grapes. Other major crops: Almonds, other grapes, and strawberries
  6. Colorado: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn, potatoes, and sorghum
  7. Connecticut: Apples. Other major crops: Cattle, maple syrup, and apples
  8.  Delaware: Chickens. Other major crops: Corn, soybeans, and melons
  9. Florida: Oranges. Other major crops: Cattle, strawberries, and tomatoes
  10. Georgia: Chickens. Other major crops: Peanuts, cattle, and pecans
  11. Hawaii: Macadamias. Other major crops: Cattle, coffee, and papayas
  12. Idaho: Cattle. Other major crops: Potatoes, barley, and corn
  13. Illinois: Corn. Other major crops: Soybeans, cattle, and potatoes
  14. Indiana: Corn. Other major crops: Soybeans, cattle, and tomatoes
  15.  Iowa: Corn. Other major crops: Soybeans, cattle, and oats
  16. Kansas: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn, soybeans, and sorghum
  17.  Kentucky: Chickens. Other major crops: Soybeans, corn, and cattle
  18. Louisiana: Soybeans. Other major crops: Corn, rice, and cattle
  19. Maine: Potatoes. Other major crops: Maple Syrup, cattle, and apples
  20. Maryland: Chickens. Other major crops: Corn, soybeans, and cattle
  21. Massachusetts: Cranberries. Other major crops: Apples and maple syrup
  22.  Michigan: Corn. Other major crops: Soybeans, cattle, and apples
  23.  Minnesota: Corn. Other major crops: Soybeans, cattle, and chickens
  24.  Mississippi: Chickens. Other major crops: Soybeans, corn, and cattle
  25. Missouri: Soybeans. Other major crops: Cattle, corn, and chickens
  1. Montana: Cattle. Other major crops: Barley, lentils, and beans
  2. Nebraska: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn, soybeans, and potatoes
  3. Nevada: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn
  4. New Hampshire: Cattle. Other major crops: Maple Syrup
  5. New Jersey: Blueberries. Other major crops: Peaches, corn, and soybeans
  6. New Mexico: Cattle. Other major crops: Pecans, and peppers
  7.  New York: Apples. Other major crops: Cattle, corn, and apples
  8. North Carolina: Chickens. Other major crops: Soybeans, corn, and sweet potatoes
  9. North Dakota: Soybeans. Other major crops: Corn, cattle, and canola
  10.  Ohio: Soybeans. Other major crops: Corn, cattle, and chickens
  11. Oklahoma: Cattle. Other major crops: Chickens, soybeans, and corn
  12. Oregon: Cattle. Other major crops: Pears, grapes, and potatoes
  13. Pennsylvania: Cattle. Other major crops: Chickens, corn, and soybeans
  14.  Rhode Island: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn
  15. South Carolina: Chickens. Other major crops: Corn, soybeans, and cattle
  16. South Dakota: Corn. Other major crops: Cattle, soybeans, and sunflower
  17. Tennessee: Soybeans. Other major crops: Cattle, chickens, and corn
  18. Texas: Cattle. Other major crops: Chickens, corn, and sorghum
  19. Utah: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn, cherries, and peaches
  20. Vermont: Cattle. Other major crops: Maple Syrup and apples
  21.  Virginia: Chickens. Other major crops: Cattle, soybeans, and corn
  22. Washington: Apples. Other major crops: Potatoes, cattle, and hops
  23. West Virginia: Chickens. Other major crops: Cattle, corn, and apples
  24. Wisconsin: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn, soybeans, and potatoes
  25. Wyoming: Cattle. Other major crops: Corn, barley, and beans

We are definitely realizing that we are ALL in this together…  looking out for each other is one of the strongest nudges many of us are sensing.   We are FAMILY!!  In fact, my dad used to often say — “when the going gets tough – KEEP IT SIMPLE & SAFE!”  (K.I.S.S.). How about we all keep looking out for each each in selfless service and as Stress-Free as possible too?  (Keep it Simple & StressFree?!)   

If you would like to find out more about how we can better collaborate together on this – contact us HERE and share any thoughts, ideas or suggestions!

New Trend? Or just a FAD?

NEW TREND?  Or just a FAD?

Gray & White Perka ShouseBarndominiums. Shouses. Man Caves. She Sheds. Craft Cottages. Party Parlors. Hobby Huts. Craft Cabins. Book Bungalows. Relaxation Refuge. Craft Chalets. Liquor Lodges. Wine Wickiups. Sister Shacks. Brother Barns…  the list can go on and on.


It seems there has been a growing demand over the past few years for either very specialized uses for sometimes smaller sized buildings – to multiple use buildings requiring a bit more creative ingenuity, flexible assembly options and yet still meet ever growing concerns from climate anomalies causing some pretty extreme conditions that is certainly cause for concern when building anything in today’s world!

There seems to be a move towards more rural and country living which certainly opens the multitude of possibilities for outside the “building box” thinking!!

Basketball in Perka GymIf you want to combine home, living quarters with some storage space, workshop, gym area, larger fitness room, games areas, small lathing chambers or whatever else you can think of – these types of structures (like what Perka Buildings can offer), is the cat’s meow to making this do-able – affordable and simply!

And like with all structures that will contain high value assets and precious cargo – it will need to be Strong, Flexible and Resilient too!

Add an element of many years of experience with a calm, cool, collected and creative mindset for the seeking out of stress free solutions for the most current and relevant conditions for you and your particular area…  and you may have just found your most invaluable teammate, cheerleader, trusted advisor.

For more information about how you can put 2 or more of your passions together into one place that you can call home, for life, work and “play” click here.  Or call 800-467-3752.


Who Likes Uncertainty?

Who likes uncertainty?

According to Tony Robbins, after food, shelter and clothing, there are 6 core human needs – certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution.   And certainty is probably number one albeit in competition with a need for “variety”!

Who has ever said – “Am I ever glad my flight has been delayed with no reason or plan for new departure”?   We may be in one of the most luxuriously modern airports in the world but would more than likely still not appreciate not knowing what’s up!

The discomfort typically revolves around the “risk” of the situation getting worse.  Provide a credible explanation and a solution and most of the tension can be diffused.

BELOW is a link to great article offering a GREAT perspective on the VALUE of “risk”…

The more risk a product or service may present the lower the initial price might be… but the higher the potential COST, overall!

Less risk – may cost a bit more up front – but, when all important things get considered – including “certainty” – it can amount to a lot LESS resources expended in the long run, all carrying some VALUE including and certainly MORE STRESS FREE!!

This could be something of great value for each of us to educate ourselves about prospective suppliers and partners.


When considering the purchase of materials for a building project, here are some of the risk reducers that immediately come to mind.  Can you think of others we could add?

  1. A team’s public statement to a commitment to integrity and related product choices is a great first step.

  2. Price being FIXED at time of order (with no hidden upcharges)

  3. Having a track record of deliveries all but assured in the time frame desired (and even sooner many of the times!)

  4. Having some sort of “pre-fit” quality control processes can all but eliminate risks of misfits or errors.

  5. Having multi staged quality control inspections can eliminate “errors or omissions” – especially if backed by a warranty that should there a human factor – the supplier will OWN IT!

  6. The buildings are designed to specific CODES for the building’s location – no cookie cutter solutions…  with reasonable mutual due diligence to help assure that the correct code is adhered to.

  7. There is a track record of a commitment to frequent, clear and honest communication (updates) throughout the entire process from solution seeking to ordering, production, delivery and follow up…

  8. Having clear and understandable assembly guides and instructions updated to all the most recent developments in product and procedures. (Check Out Our Info Center)

  9. Having ever growing support from clients, users with open and honest feedback for the collective benefit of improving the whole building process.

  10. Working with a team with a strong and proven history of doing things right by doing the right thing…

Learn more about how Perka building designs can help you have more certainty in your life.  We’ll even send you free information.

Here is the aforementioned link that inspired this blog.


Know who you are working with

Know Who You Are Working With

A law professor once told me that no matter how well we might draft up an agreement, contract or any other type of document that would be intended to bind two parties to particular terms and conditions – it’s true and practical value lives almost exclusively in the integrity and character of the people behind the signatures. 

Some of the most loosely drafted documents (if at all), bound by a “good will hand shake”, commitment to fairness, to doing the right thing and to doing things right, will most often produce non-adversarial, more stress free and longer lasting, mutually benefitting relationships than anything else.

Bottom line, she offered…  get to know WHO you want to “do business with” or even have a relationship of any kind with…  and you will have paid into the biggest “ounce of prevention” for many many pounds of cure!

In that vein – to help you, the reader here, get to know who “TEAM PERKA” is….   here are TEN THINGS you might like to know about you might choose to do business with.

  1. WhyMore and more people are hearing about Simon Sinek and how one’s direction and purpose has much more effectiveness when it all starts with “WHY”! As students and advocates of that practice we endeavor to practice what we preach! Team Perka has created its own acronym for it too!  #sssTsss!  — Meaning that every morning, when we wake up we aim to be, first and foremost: 

Stress-Free Solution Seekers trusting Sincere Selfless Service.

    1. We are 39 years young, currently three-generation, family owned business. Our founder, affectionately known as ET, instilled strong enduring core values that we all live every day in fulfilling and perpetuating his legacy!

    2. Our core values include truth, fairness, goodwill, kindness, optimism, faith, integrity and JOY! Ours is a labor of love.   Doing what we love, loving what we do – especially for those who love and appreciate this passion.   It makes for a much more enjoyable process for everyone and always a WIN-WIN-WIN for all!

    3. We believe in pro-active pre-paredness, i.e. pre-thought, pre-fit, pre-fab, pre-welded, pre-engineered, pre-vent! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   We are in it for the long haul – so rushing has no real “value”.  Well thought out options, choices, decisions leads to lasting and certainly more stress free solutions!

    4. As shared in a previous blog post we literally live by “Don’t wait communicate” for optimum SYNERGY co-efficiency potential. If we all know what’s going on, what the vision is, the goals are and the plan we are unfolding – everyone can work in harmony, pulling in the same direction – to achieve the most desired outcome!

    5. We abide by principles of Conscious Capitalism: People – Planet – Prosperity – IN THAT ORDER! Without “people” – who are our clients, teammates, family, neighbors, friends, colleague, fellow earth travelers – nothing else can really matter!  Who wants to enjoy achievements alone?  And what worth will any of it have without good health for self or planet??

    6. Our stakeholders are number one on our Organizational Chart. PEOPLE FIRST!

    7. We are in this “game” for the long haul – and believe it is an infinite game! Is there ever a “winner”?   People may win or lose at various moments — the game (of life) truly never ends.  So we see this as a process of infinite choices that can leave an infinite combination of outcomes that are hopefully well serving for not only “us” collectively today –   but for our children and out children’s children for generations to come\

    8. Happiness is a primary objective of our existence – taken as a moment by moment opportunity. If we don’t ENJOY what we do – where we are – who we are with – what’s the point?  As Tony Robbins says — Being happy is a state!  And success starts with that!  Success won’t bring enduring happiness — happiness will bring enduring success.   So we may as well BE HAPPY!

    9. Another bottom line… and a significant part of our moment to moment purpose — we love to do what we love to do, especially for those who love what we do!  It’s part of the infinite happiness cycle.

Happiness begets happiness.

We hope you will be as happy to “work” with us as we will be in serving you!

Learn more about how we can enjoy life together better…    We’ll even send you free information.