Perka’s Ideal Dealer/Client/Advisor/Teammate:

We will serve best, and be best served by, anyone who desires to seek out the most STRESS FREE, VALUE ADDED solution for building, for one self or our “client” – also known as neighbor, friend, family. A Team Perka Mate is someone who can understand, and appreciate, well thought out enhancements and benefits that are intentionally added features to make their building solution:

    1. Stronger (to last)
    2. More Affordable (not only based on “price” but COST and ASSET or USE VALUE) 
    3.  More Flexible (to be able to respond to the needs of today with any changes that can pop up at virtually any time)
    4. Easy – (to keep things simple – easy to assemble, to insulate, to finish, to modify, to live in, to work in, to play in and even to “pay” for!!!) and
    5. Resilient (to be able to respond and react to anything our world, mother nature, might throw at us.  A building solution that can take a “hit” and be easily brought back to be fully functional and purposeful.)

A Team Perka Mate is someone who will “get” that, sometimes, the lowest PRICE – is NOT the lowest “COST“!!!  Team Perka priorities are PEOPLE first, then PLANET (environment) and then PROFITS!! In THAT order!!  As we acknowledge, take CARE of and appreciate our mates, the “PROSPERITY” – takes care of itself and we are (all) prosperous! If that resonates (with YOU) — let’s BUILD together, a true HYBRID solution – where steel is used where STEEL is most needed and wood where wood serves BEST!!! —> A #S.A.F.E.R. Building Solution. Let’s be Perka Teammates!

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