Know Who You Are Working With

A law professor once told me that no matter how well we might draft up an agreement, contract or any other type of document that would be intended to bind two parties to particular terms and conditions – it’s true and practical value lives almost exclusively in the integrity and character of the people behind the signatures. 

Some of the most loosely drafted documents (if at all), bound by a “good will hand shake”, commitment to fairness, to doing the right thing and to doing things right, will most often produce non-adversarial, more stress free and longer lasting, mutually benefitting relationships than anything else.

Bottom line, she offered…  get to know WHO you want to “do business with” or even have a relationship of any kind with…  and you will have paid into the biggest “ounce of prevention” for many many pounds of cure!

In that vein – to help you, the reader here, get to know who “TEAM PERKA” is….   here are TEN THINGS you might like to know about you might choose to do business with.

  1. WhyMore and more people are hearing about Simon Sinek and how one’s direction and purpose has much more effectiveness when it all starts with “WHY”! As students and advocates of that practice we endeavor to practice what we preach! Team Perka has created its own acronym for it too!  #sssTsss!  — Meaning that every morning, when we wake up we aim to be, first and foremost: 

Stress-Free Solution Seekers trusting Sincere Selfless Service.

    1. We are 39 years young, currently three-generation, family owned business. Our founder, affectionately known as ET, instilled strong enduring core values that we all live every day in fulfilling and perpetuating his legacy!

    2. Our core values include truth, fairness, goodwill, kindness, optimism, faith, integrity and JOY! Ours is a labor of love.   Doing what we love, loving what we do – especially for those who love and appreciate this passion.   It makes for a much more enjoyable process for everyone and always a WIN-WIN-WIN for all!

    3. We believe in pro-active pre-paredness, i.e. pre-thought, pre-fit, pre-fab, pre-welded, pre-engineered, pre-vent! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   We are in it for the long haul – so rushing has no real “value”.  Well thought out options, choices, decisions leads to lasting and certainly more stress free solutions!

    4. As shared in a previous blog post we literally live by “Don’t wait communicate” for optimum SYNERGY co-efficiency potential. If we all know what’s going on, what the vision is, the goals are and the plan we are unfolding – everyone can work in harmony, pulling in the same direction – to achieve the most desired outcome!

    5. We abide by principles of Conscious Capitalism: People – Planet – Prosperity – IN THAT ORDER! Without “people” – who are our clients, teammates, family, neighbors, friends, colleague, fellow earth travelers – nothing else can really matter!  Who wants to enjoy achievements alone?  And what worth will any of it have without good health for self or planet??

    6. Our stakeholders are number one on our Organizational Chart. PEOPLE FIRST!

    7. We are in this “game” for the long haul – and believe it is an infinite game! Is there ever a “winner”?   People may win or lose at various moments — the game (of life) truly never ends.  So we see this as a process of infinite choices that can leave an infinite combination of outcomes that are hopefully well serving for not only “us” collectively today –   but for our children and out children’s children for generations to come\

    8. Happiness is a primary objective of our existence – taken as a moment by moment opportunity. If we don’t ENJOY what we do – where we are – who we are with – what’s the point?  As Tony Robbins says — Being happy is a state!  And success starts with that!  Success won’t bring enduring happiness — happiness will bring enduring success.   So we may as well BE HAPPY!

    9. Another bottom line… and a significant part of our moment to moment purpose — we love to do what we love to do, especially for those who love what we do!  It’s part of the infinite happiness cycle.

Happiness begets happiness.

We hope you will be as happy to “work” with us as we will be in serving you!

Learn more about how we can enjoy life together better…    We’ll even send you free information.