Why Pick Perka Hybrid Buildings?

Why Pick Perka Hybrid Buildings?

There’s one question that I know everyone has asked at some point in their lives. Most of us use it several times a day: “Why?” Whether it’s a child- “Why do I have to eat vegetables?”- or a teenager- “Why can’t I go to the party?”- or an adult- “Why do I have to deal with all this stuff during COVID-19?”. We all wonder “why”, and we wonder a lot. That’s why, today, we’re here to help set your mind at ease about one particular “why”: “Why Perka Hybrid Buildings?” Why should you choose to build with Team Perka? Why should you choose to build at all?

As Team Perka, our goal (and our pleasure) is to help YOU find the perfect most stress free building solution that can best serve YOUR needs and maybe even wants. Whether it’s a Barndominium or Shouse so you can have more work and play space at home, or a She Shed for crafts and hobbies, a garage to store your prized and maybe even not so prized possessions – or any other customizable building you can think of, we can help! But there’s the question again… why do you need a specialized, made to order, kind of building? We have an answer, solution, to that too. Check out these great reasons for choosing any one of our many value added Perka Hybrid buildings.

  1. At-home office: With everyone working from home right now, your house can become CROWDED. Not to mention, you may have kids on summer break, or you’ve decided to help take care of another in your family… which means that you may have to meet a few extra and sometimes constant demands. While we can’t give you your old cubicle back, or that sometimes taken for granted space at the office, we CAN help provide you with an addition to your house: a quiet space for getting work done with less interruptions, more inspiration and maybe even some “quiet time for reflection, visualization, prayer? While we will never take it for granted, it would be much better than your dining room table! Yes?

  2. Great storage space: Whether you want to acquire a strong Perka Hybrid building for domestic, business, industrial or agricultural use, it will give you access to the always much-needed, never having enough, storage space. Perka Hybrid Buildings are great space makers to put extra home, business or farm equipment. Just think, now, instead of using your garage for storage, you’ll be able to actually fit your car into it! AMIRIGHT?

  3. Personal get-away: Even though you can’t quite travel right now, (at least without taking some risk to your and your loved one’s health) you can have a personal get-away to stay-cay in your own backyard! Whether it’s a man cave, brother barn, hunting cabin or pal palace for him, a she shed, sister shack, craft cabana or a Lady Loft for her, or even playhouse or kiddo cabin for the kids, we’ve got you covered! We’d be even tickled happy happy to help; the more creative the better! Let us know how we can assist you as you start your at-home 2020 Stay-Cation. Backyard cruise adventure! Contact us here; we would love to hear from you.

  4. Work from home: Ok, so maybe you aren’t interested in an addition to your house, or you just don’t quite have the space where you are at. Perhaps you are looking at making a possible towards a barndominium or shouse style residence, a place where you can live and work in the same building. Real estate prices are up, mortgage interest is down, home inventory is getting sparser – building a home is becoming in higher demand and proving to be a very good long term investment with immediate HIGH RETURN USE VALUE! PERKA hybrid buildings offer the perfect place to combine your work, hobbies, play and have an actual HOME. Not just a “house” or “residence” — a HOME!! This way, you can do what you love and love what you do every day! As Team Perka, our greatest pleasure is helping YOU realize “dreams”! What sort of “life” are you dreaming about? Can building your own “oasis” make a difference for the better? We hope that you’ll let Perka be a part of your dream workspace/home. WE DO LOVE TO HELP!

Now, you understand why it might be a GREAT idea to purchase a hybrid building, you may still be wondering… “Why should I buy it from Team Perka?” Does who I buy from really make a difference?

Perka was founded on ideals of integrity, faith, fairness, truth, excellence and a genuine love for their fellow man/woman. All of our teammates are coached, encouraged, inspired and committed to finding the best, most stress free, serving fit of a building solution for you, your family and YOUR TEAM!
As Team Perka, we endeavor to focus on keeping things “S.A.F.E.R.: Strong, Affordable, Flexible, Easy, Resilient.” And you will find that these traits are true of our buildings AND each one of our dedicated employees. We are less concerned with earning your money than we are with EARNING YOUR TRUST! You, our client, our neighbor, our fellow earth traveller, our friend, are our highest priority.
Are you ready to begin your journey with Team Perka? Your happiness and well being is our mission! Contact Us Here

Living in a S.A.F.E.R. World in the Midst of a Pandemic

Living in a S.A.F.E.R. World in the Midst of a Pandemic

Blog submitted by Olivia Truesdale

Back in February, Kansas City experienced one of its most epic moments ever: Winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LIV.

After the Kansas City Chiefs won, there were parties and parades. The city could not stop celebrating!

I had a friend who was unable to watch the game in real time, so she settled in and watched the recorded game. She, of course, already knew what was going to happen: The Chiefs were going to win. It was all over the papers! Everyone knew! (They had already won!) Still, when the Chiefs were down by ten points at the end of the third quarter, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

Even when we know the outcome, it can be difficult to stay calm and positive, especially when, in a given moment, all hope looks lost. It’s like we know that we will eventually beat this COVID-19/Corona Virus challenge. In the meantime, everyone is (as we should be) concerned for their own health, as well as the health of others.

We at Team Perka are committed to help keeping you out of harm’s way, and we want you to stay S.A.F.E.R. too. Wait, aren’t those the same thing? At Perka, our motto, “S.A.F.E.R”, stands for “Strong, Affordable, Flexible, Easy, Resilient”. How can we at Perka (and you at home!) live in a S.A.F.E.R. world even in the midst of a pandemic?

STRONG: It can be quite the challenge to remain strong during our present situation. As humans, we often feel that we have to be strong for everyone: kids, spouse, parents, co-workers, etc. However, being strong doesn’t always mean “having everything under control”. It takes strength to be vulnerable and honest, especially when you don’t have everything under control. It takes strength to stay positively optimistic… especially when living through your very first global pandemic or otherwise new challenge! Life is quite different and can feel difficult right now. At Team Perka, we stay strong by continuing in our preparation, study, and readiness to help.  Feel free to contact us ; we’d love to know how we can help you!

AFFORDABLE: With all the prices of different commodities going up and down, how do you STAY poised and secure??? It can be difficult to figure things out, especially price vs value wise. We, however, continue to focus on USE VALUE and purpose filled worth/usefulness.  We are always seeking ways to create value and find the best fit and best price for you and your dream project!

FLEXIBLE: Stay loose and adaptable! With everything changing and evolving as much and as quick as it is, the only thing we can do is evaluate adjust and respond with whatever changes that are required right along with whatever is happening.  (Our preference is to be more in the lead of changes – but sometimes stuff just happens!!!)  It seems that information, recommendations, guidelines, and LIFE is changing, and sometimes even contradicting itself, by the minute! We must not get bogged down with the stress of change.  We keep traditions where we can, and remember that our life is not the only one that is affected by COVID-19 or whatever else is going on. At Perka, we remain open TO SERVE and are always at the ready to help Y-O-U!

EASY: Keep it simple, and don’t worry! Hopefully, a Perka building project can be a part of doing what is easiest and most efficient for you and your loved ones. Or, as we like to say, “Keep It SAFER and Stress free” (#KISS). We want to be part of keeping things safe and stress free for you and your family now, during the current pandemic and “tomorrow”, as we continue to evolve together

RESILIENT: When we all come out of our “going within” or “staying in” or “quarantine-ing”, after this pandemic has been resolved, it may still be difficult, or awkward, to adjust to all the new rules and way of life that we may have evolved into. We can’t let that discourage us; we must continue to bounce back and get up from the difficulties this pandemic, and this year in particular, is exposing . Hopefully, things will soon be back to a form of “normal”, though it may take some time for them to be a fully embraced “normal” again. In the meantime, let’s stay positively optimistic and confident. Never forget that we at Team Perka are on your side, ready to bounce back and stay strong in the game!

And voilà! What do you think? That’s how we stay S.A.F.E.R and how you can stay S.A.F.E.R., too.

For more info about how we can help you stay SAFER – CLICK HERE.