As many of us have done, or are doing – we’re setting down some new goals, for this new day of this new year… – some “resolutions” …  and unfortunately, often, not really ever to persist all the way through them…  for various reasons.  Granted, most of the times it’s from “unrealized expectations” – it just doesn’t go “how” we planned, and so, we lose confidence, lose interest, lose trust in the process of it and basically “QUIT” till “next time”!

I have been doing some reading on various ideas for effective goal setting and there are two things that seems to stand out for those coming from people who definitely appear to be successful at making THEIR dreams come alive … Some of them create change in minutes through marketing campaigns conducted by  (Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Bob Proctor, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet – to name a few…)

#1.  Don’t get attached to the END result
#2. Give the “HOW of realizing it” some space… 

YES, they all say it is more effective to WRITE down our goals…  to make a list of the things we prefer to be, to do and to have… (best in that order too by the way) …  and it is also more effective to write down an outline – or plan to GUIDE the path to realizing and achieving.  THIS MUST BE DONE!

Then, however, it is generally advised for best, most stress free and with a higher probability of actual success in outcomes – TO LET GO!  Yes, keep the eyes on the prize, visualize it, dream it, pray it, contemplate it, “experience it mentally”, SEE IT IN YOUR MIND and be thankful for it… AND, TRUST the process…

For example, it’s like you have this current desire to build something – maybe even you have an actual pressing “need” for a good, solid, dependable, strong, affordable, flexible and easy structure to store and protect your assets, to comfortably work your trade, to peacefully pray in, to creatively and inspirationally learn in, to enthusiastically play in and or to maybe even JOYFULLY LIVE in.

Yes, list those priorities – list the “end benefits/advantages that make you the happiest” … put down as many as you can think of.  Maybe even prioritize them.

And then, find someone, or even a team, that you can have confidence in and TRUST to figure out the best HOW to get that done!  Sure, keep an “eye” on it…  make sure it’s looking and feeling right!   Ask questions.  Feel assured.   Feel secure.   Feel stress free.   Take each “step” calmly, confidently, happily.  From the experiences of those who “get it” – the odds are you will realize, manifest and experience more if not exactly that which you actually envisioned.  Not only at the culmination of the project visit— but, and this is an important part that gets “missed” a lot, throughout and DURING the whole process, the entire planning, building and moving in experience.   Who has ever said – that I don’t like my home or new building because the process we had to go through was a pure delight and a totally joy filled experience??

THINK ABOUT IT — should we question every step of the process – the “HOW” of it all?  Or breathe… IN… each moment – TRUSTING the outcome will be in a perfect Divine Order!?

My wish is for the latter – along with a most HAPPY and BLESSED NEW DAY to you!

Thank you!
Martial L. Thevenot