Horse Barn with HorsesPerka’ unique designs can offer several options for roomy, comfy and healthy space for your horses.   Whether you are breeding horses to ride, race, show, hunt or police Perka has a big variety of choices to provide the best environment conducive to healthy equines for your specific goals.

The buildings can be large clear span roof only structures with open bay walls or totally enclosed with barn, big sliding or overhead doors. 

Open structures can have regular windbrace rods or Perka’s custom portal braces to allow for free motion of your valued breeds easily and unobstructed in and out in all the bays you need!

Arenas, barns, stables & stalls can be easily repurposed in the future too!  Many have been converted to structures that can be used for storage, shops, other livestock, hay or even barndominium!

Horse barn with Dutch DoorsAll the various Perka Truss models can be made to meet almost any exact specification desired – width, heights, lengths or even roof pitch.  They can also be combined with overhangs, other models, dormers, eye brows, leantoos, porches or annex units.

Most of the Perka Models offer unobstructed vaulted ceilings which can provide for even more volume space you might want to take advantage of to hang, store or otherwise even display other possessions.

They are all designed to be strong to withstand snow loads, uplift loads if open or even high winds.  Affordable to give you the most storage capacity for your hard-earned investment. Flexible to adapt to any change of plans or add on ideas.  Easy to assemble quickly so you can get the use value sooner than later. And they are resilient – should you accidently bump into them or if mother nature would throw something a little harsher than hoped for – they are simple to work with to repair, retrofit, remodel or reuse.

Perka the S.A.F.E.R. solution.  Click here for information and guidance to learn more about getting YOUR best choice!

Gable End of a Horse Barn