There is a huge trend happening in residential dwellings all over, and whether you call it a Shouse, a barndominum, or your dream home, the Perka Hybrid system is perfect for you!  Our flexible and easy clear span system leaves you open to basically any floor plans to allow you to make it the perfect fit for all of your wants and needs. You can literally fit anything inside our box, and mix and match frame styles, features, and accessories for your dream building as a reality!  You will be able to rest easy, knowing that you made a decision that was fiscally responsible with the inherent long term affordability at the bottom line when you start with the Perka Hybrid frames to make up you skeleton, but also they are becoming increasingly popular choices for family homes especially in areas that are susceptible to earthquakes, wild fires, tornados, hurricanes, turbulent mountain winds, and heavy snow fall… and with all the climate changes we are experiencing, that’s everywhere.

Our residential wood-steel hybrid buildings are designed to meet specific wind, rain, snow and seismic requirements that exist in your area of the country.  Whether you need a prefab steel home to withstand 115 miles per hour straight line winds or 48,000 pounds of snow on a 1,200 square foot roof, Perka can design, manufacture and deliver to your exact specifications and needs.  All steel frame structures supplied by Perka come with an exclusive guarantee and 50 year warranty. All of Perka’s wood-steel hybrid buildings can be easily adapted to fit into any rural or urban environment.  It is not dependent on the outer envelope of the building to meet it’s loads – so you can put on ANY finish you want! When it comes to constructing residential steel buildings, we will design your building to meet the requirements of your local home building codes and provide permit drawings stamped and certified by a Perka registered engineer.

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