With its many different models and permutations thereof Perka Buildings are easily adaptable to any Ag uses…   The in-house design team with over a century of experience can come up with almost any solution that can be created for any use.

Many buildings have been built for grain or potato or Corn storage using removeable bulk heads – offering versatile use for the space throughout the year!!  It’s like a part time silo – and then you can also use all or part for many other things – making it very flexible!!

The extra head room allows you to pile higher working the roof pitch to follow a similar slop to the angle or repose!  It’s ingenious!  It’s creative.  It’s flexible!

Like all Perka Models these can be easily insulated, with abundant light – whether natural, solar or electronic.  They are easy to retrofit, and remodel should any plans change!

These storage type wharehouses can be easily designed for expansion, divisions, and with free standing overhangs or leantos to shelter and protect augers, blowers, drying equipment or whatever else that might be needed to have close by!

A Perka hangar can be easily re-purposed in the future as well!  You can make them into offices, homes, storage, warehouse space, commercial show rooms and more!

All the various Perka Truss models can be made to meet any specification desired – width, heights, lengths or even roof pitch.

They are all designed to be strong to withstand snow loads, uplift loads if with open doors, high winds and even quakes that can shake, rattle and roll!  Affordable to give you the most useable workspace capacity for freedom, comforts and personal wellbeing. Perka Buildings are flexible to adapt to any change of plans or add-on ideas as needs, wants, desires, objectives and goals evolve.  Easy to assemble quickly, insulate efficiently, finish effectively, retrofit, remodel or re-purpose swiftly, all so that you can get the fuller use-value sooner than later. And they areresilient – should you accidently bump into them or if mother nature would throw something a little harsher than hoped for – they are simple to work with to repair, remodel, re-cycle or reuse.

Perka the S.A.F.E.R. solution.  Click here for information and guidance to learn more about getting YOUR best choice!