Classic Red Barn with a Perka Twist


Classic Red Barn

This is an older Model 4000 Perka Building we stumbled onto recently; it has bolt on frame unsupported overhangs with custom built tack room and office under parts of the overhang on both sides. The customer has also built a “loft” storage area that is supported by posts and takes advantage of the high clearspan with no bottom chord to obstruct the headroom.

Projects – Custom 40×60 w/ Wrap Around Porch

The uniquely and custom designed 40′ x 60′ x 12′ with a “corner wrap around porch” was designed for a client looking to save money, but make his drawing “come to life.”  We spread the bays to 20′ On Center, with 2×10 purlins on 24″ centers, there are two Perka Model 4000 frames in the center, one Non-Expandable End with Steel posts, and one wood end wall. The overhang soffit was adjusted to get the most height possible for an overhead door to be installed.

Emmendorfer – 3 Projects

One of the highest forms of flattery in the building business besides telling others about us, is when you build more of our buildings, whether that be on your current property or move on to a new piece of land and need a Perka Building for that property now.  Enter now repeat customer Brian Emmendorfer in Savannah, MO.  What started as a dream shop went on to be a total property makeover including the dream shop/man cave building, a re-skin and Perka door header to an existing older building, and then a third cold storage building with a custom sliding door. All three projects were designed and put together by Perka and erected by our Team Perka Partner Veritas Systems Construction.


Thanks Mr. Emmendorfer, we look forward to the next one!