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Quick Guide To Choosing Your Building

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Prefab Steel Building

By Michele Janorschke

Perka has plenty of prefab steel buildings for sale. We offer custom engineered drawings and over 12 popular “standard” frame models to choose from. The Perka advantage has always included fast delivery, active builder support, building value and our pre-fit guarantee that our prefab hybrid wood/steel buildings will always be job site ready.

Perka has been a quiet leader in the steel building industry. All our prefab steel buildings are engineered and fabricated at our factory. Once made, all steel frames, beams, and fasteners are delivered to your job site. All prefab steel buildings come with detailed assembly guides and active builder support is only a phone call away. The advantage in Perka’s wood/steel hybrid buildings is how you can drastically shorten construction time over a traditional building. Another advantage is the simplicity in assembling our prefab steel buildings. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or professional builder, all that is normally required to assemble Perka prefab steel frames is general carpentry skills. If you prefer to work with a local licensed general contractor, ask us about our approved builder list; when you want it done right and by someone who is a professional, we can help.

Our steel building frames come in all shapes and sizes. Perka hybrid wood/steel buildings commonly are built with interior heights of  8’ and up. A prefab steel building is perfect for enclosing large, open spaces, like a warehouse, barn, riding arena, church, home or industrial building. From as small as a 10’ X 20’ shed or as large as 200’ wide by unlimited lengths. Perka’s factory is equipped to design and engineer any shape or sized prefab steel building.

Do you have a special building need? Most prefab steel building manufacturers only offer you one size, set location of doors and windows and limited pitch of the roof, all served in a square box. Perka’s prefab hybrid wood/steel buildings offer much more flexibility for customization. Whether it’s an arched truss, special roof or a building on an odd lot, there’s nothing Perka’s engineers can’t design and manufacture. The interior is easy to finish and insulate thanks to Perka’s use of wood purlins and girts. Another benefit, is mixing and matching of different frames or parts of frames to come up with your ideal building layout.

Did you know that wood/steel prefab buildings are less expensive to build than almost any conventional style of construction? This is because they are less finished on the inside. A very basic steel building can be built for as little as $15 to $25 per square foot. More finished metal buildings are usually $20 to $30 per square foot and extensive customized buildings with brick facades, unusual shapes or complicated construction can reach $40 and up. Prefab steel buildings have improved appearances in recent years. Perka’s wood/steel hybrid buildings can be constructed with any choice of material for the envelope. It’s stand alone design makes your choice of  building solutions virtually unlimited.



Become a Partner

Perka Building Frames is a leading provider of steel framed buildings and was one of the very first in North America to offer steel buildings that used wood purlins and girts. We understand that no single company regardless of size, reputation, or service can supply all aspects of a customer solution.

Perka has formed strong builder partnerships with many contractors/dealers all over North America to create a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements to complete the design, manufacturing, service and support to constructing a building.

Our collaborative relationships combine best of class products and service to deliver a complete builder solution.

 Contact Us to inquire about becoming a Perka Dealer/Contractor in your Area!