#DWC – Don’t Wait Communicate

#DWC! – Don’t Wait Communicate.

The ten current most popular hashtags on Instagram are:
#love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #tbt, #like4like, #followme.

Each one potentially triggering an emotional urge to click on it to bring people ever more together through cyberspace relationship building.
To also help save on space and also share one’s particular thoughts or sentiments – acronyms are used in lieu of several words…

5 of the more popular hashtag acronyms are:

  1. TMI – Too much information.

  2. WBU – What about you?

  3. WBW – Way back Wednesday. Follows the same theme as FBF and TBT.

  4. WFH – Work from home.

  5. YOLO – You only live once.

And there are acronyms used to support that a photo or post reply in an effort to get straight to a point. Like the following:

  1. DM me. – Send me a direct message as the whole world does not need to know!

  2. ELI5 please. – Explain to me like I am 5 years old please? Or KISS please? Keep it simple and (succinct)!

  3. ICYMI – In case you missed it – (so as not to be presumptuous that you didn’t) here is what happened… (again)!

  4. CTO – Check this out!!! How cool is this?

  5. LB – Like back. As in a request to like back!!! This is sometimes used to try to get people to get more “hits” to feed into algorithms to get more organic exposure for “search engine optimization” – SEO!!  Sometime considered a bit “arrogant” but it seems to work in some circles!

One could go on and on…

I just wanted to maybe bring up another acronym and possibly even a hashtag that could do wonders toelationships of any and all kinds – be it virtual or real, online or in person!

It’s one we have recently adopted within our own little internal CULTURE here at TEAM PERKA.   No, it’s not Dance (or Drink) With Canadians…
We use it as a constant reminder of the invaluable importance of COMMUNICATION!  Not only good, clear, concise and fully transparent communication but also the sharing of information or knowledge that can be time critical…  as in DON’T WAIT!!  COMMUNICATE! Whether it’s great news – or not so great news – it generally serves BEST when it is delivered as soon as it is known.  The adage of “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” is generally VERY short lived and will typically “hurt” more when discovered later!

So whether it’s about the timing of deliveries of your building product or services, or the what, how, who, or why of a certain decision, choice or change that can affect client, teammate or stakeholder – a practice of as immediate as possible communicating is fostered, encouraged and entrained so that it becomes habit and the general method of operation!

Learn more about how our building designs can help you with a most stress-free building experience using timely, concise and clear communication. #DWC  We’ll even send you free information.


What is a “building’s” true value?

What is a “building’s” true value?

Based on some industry specific options there are probably five main methods used to determine a “VALUE” for a building (shouse, home, shop, garage, shed, barn, church, school, office, barndominium, implement shed, storage unit, hangar, etc.) or property!

  1. You can compare values with other buildings recently sold or on the market to be sold.
  2. You can calculate past, present and potential future profits that can be derived from the use as a renter landlord, proprietor or operations owner. e. Rent/Lease revenue.  Profits generated from a working business. Possibly even a prospecting value from an anticipated economic growth.  As in FLIPPING a building.  (Buy low, sell high!).
  3. Along similar lines to prospecting – your dream structure could be valued based on value added from a re-purposing of part or all of the building which would generate more interest in a purchase or use-for-profit.
  4. You could also calculate the actual COST to build or re-build it at either current rates, or at more realistic rates based on if a certified General Contractor would have built it. For DIY’s the cost of the labor or planning time is seldom included or accounted for – yet can add thousands of invaluable dollars to a TRUER value of your property/building.
  5. And again, like prospecting or “income generating” USE value, there is also the value of anticipated asset value growth given over a, generally, LONGER period of time… say 20-30 or more years.   As in valuating for FUTURE bequeathing to children or grandchildren…

And then of course there are the intangibles that can really mess up a valuation – but carry a significant amount of reasons to “keep”, invest in or sell to a “like minded” person.

Things that readily come to mind of course are the memories created, especially in an older property.  It can be play, home or even meaningful work memories.   How does one put a “value” to those?

What about a building’s SAFETY factor?   Possibly built with sometimes “bolder” principles of higher quality in materials like structural steel or concrete, fabricated and built by trained, certified and experienced skilled worker-builders?

Or even how a building is laid out in design, to be used for a specific purpose can add even more enrichment!  The location of the kitchen? The living room?  The bathrooms?  The stairs?   The basement. Even the closet spaces can give a building more appeal and inherently more “true” value.

Curb appeal can make a big difference too?  Any watchers of HGTV will readily recognize how important this is to any purchase or sale… which therefore increases “sell-ability”!! Building roof pitch? Height? Breadth? Facades? Soffited? Lighting? Doors & windows? Can ALL add or even subtract from actual and perceived value!

So many things to ponder can also include how the buildings are designed and created as safer, secure, durable and more comfortable places to truly enjoy our lives, with less stressors that can inspire and protect our families, friends, neighbors to be and do ever greater things for our collective good!

  • To happily work and make a good clean living.
  • To enthusiastically play and have genuine fun.
  • To peacefully rest and frequently rejuvenate.
  • To be freely inspired in and think Bigger for greater impact in our world.
  • To joyfully celebrate in and humbly count our Blessings.
  • To fully heal, come back strong and better than ever.
  • To comfortably overcome challenges and swiftly get back to normal.
  • To safely grow and evolve to be stronger, faster, swifter and wiser.
  • To imaginatively invent and make things better, faster, lighter, stronger…
  • To openly create and advance our existence towards a happier world.
  • To design. To dream. To rejoice. To Praise. To Love and be Loved in return!

… Just to name a few of the building uses that can add even MORE TRUE VALUE! 

With a Trusted & Trained Building Advisor (TTBA), who has not only been coached and instructed, but who also brings with them a personal AND collective TEAM experience about the what, why, when, how and even wherewith regards to more serving building solutions, can go a long way to not only having a more stress free experience – but create inherent and enduring value for you and your future generations!

For more info about valuations and having a chat with a TTBA – feel free to call 1-800-GOPERKA (467-3752), email or fill out our online form No obligation – no cost!


We were having a team chat the other day and we were reflecting on how we have been quite successful in being able to deliver SAFE buildings for over 38 years. As some of you know, when we say “SAFE Building” our team at PERKA means it in the sense of an “acronym”

  • S– trong           Durable and able to withstand the growing challenges from Mother Nature
  • A– fordable      It gives value for the hard-earned money invested as an asset and not a liability
  • F – lexible         Able to adapt to any changes in buildings use, purpose or owners
  • E-asy               Simple to “own” and build for use, to insulate, maintain and modify if needed

As we talked about these various attributes of our buildings, we agreed these features and benefits have been critical to our success, are still relevant to our customers and prove valuable every day. As the conversation continued on how to highlight these customer benefits, our discussion drifted some to discuss possible areas we could highlight for additional customer benefits. We were chatting about some of the events that our buildings have actually withstood over the last 38 years.

Over the past few years, there has been so much reporting in the news about the increase in the volatility, tendencies and turbulence of our weather. It feels like there have been more floods from excessive rain and snow; the snowstorms appear to be leaving behind more snow, quicker and more frequently; the tornado winds have picked up, seem to be increasing in frequency and in size; so too the hurricanes seem to be appearing in greater number and even stronger; and the fires seem to be growing in size and ferocity.

We realized as real as these natural disasters are to our cities and affecting more and more people, we have had PERKA buildings face these disasters too. It was this observation that made us realize our building are not just SAFE, but they are SAFER in certain ways too. Our buildings have come through these situations ready to face a new day, which made us truly believe that with PERKA, you are getting a SAFER solution.

  • S – trong           Resisting these newer more frequent events that can challenge our homes, schools, businesses, places of worship and anything that we protect our assets with.
  • A – fordable      Preventing everything being totally lost and not requiring total replacement or rebuilding
  • F – lexible         Repairing, remodeling and even the re-use opportunities can be easily designed with the PERKA HYBRID SYSTEM in the aftermath of a disaster
  • E -asy               Dealing with the repercussions of destruction if there are more salvage options or possibilities
  • R – ESILIENT      Resisting and the rest experiencing only minimal damage and with any damage if there is any, the repair process will be quicker, less costly on both the customer and the insurance company and simpler in terms of solutions to get the building back with full use value

So, going forward we believe we are going to hear more about the PERKA building system which is SAFER to all concerned. We want everyone to understand in addition to everything our buildings have been they are RESILIENT too.