The Perka Model 6000 frame is our most economical “Straight Leg” designed frame. It is a very popular frame for anyone wanting economy but an easier frame to create more conventional straight walled interior finishes. Perka’s unique pre-punched, pre-welded clip on the inside flange of their columns offers the builder/DIY an easy way to apply wall strapping that can finish BOTH outside and inside walls without having to building “another building” on the inside like you would have to do with most ALL STEEL rigid frame type applications. Except for the knee brace, which you may have to “finish” around, you can get nice clean interior lines with this model.

The flat bottom cord can also allow you the opportunity to add bottom cord clips to attach strapping to create a flat ceiling with upper attic type space to run conduit or even make a load bearing area if desired. Since the bays are typically spaced 10’ to 18’ apart it still allows for plenty of unobstructed space above.

The knee brace allows you to get a lot of the benefits of straight leg designs without the bigger cost. It’s an economical version of the Model 8000. With a lower haunch you can also realize higher pitches which can also save you from having to go to deeper designed more expensing roof materials.

So if you are wanting something with a conventional interior finish – like for commercial, residential or even institutional type uses – this may be a great way to get it done within a tighter budget!