The PERKA MODEL 10000 represents almost any model that typically will have widths of 60′ or wider (though in some cases can be less), and where interior columns can be allowed and wanted for interior partitions. Many times adding these posts/columns can lower the overall cost of the frame. The benefit can be even greater in widths of 80′ and wider, sometimes yielding as much as 30% and more in cost savings over wider clear spans.

With Perka’s in house Engineering and design team, you can modify and customize this frame to meet almost ANY situation or specifications. They can even be combined with other model types to achieve EXACTLY the SOLUTION you desire.

Perka’s unique pre-punched, pre-welded clip on the inside flange of their columns offers the builder/DIY an easy way to apply wall strapping that can finish BOTH outside and inside walls without having to building “another building” on the inside like you would have to do with most ALL STEEL rigid frame type applications.

The flat bottom cord can also allow you the opportunity to add bottom cord clips to attach strapping to create a straight ceiling with upper attic type space to run. Since the bays are typically spaced 10′ to 18′ apart it still allows for plenty of unobstructed space above in between each main frame.

It also lends much easier to parapet or mansard type facades for store or business front accent and signage. It also lends to many features that make it even easier for creative interior finishing.

Often used for arenas, large warehouses, large commercial/industrial establishments and even office, church, school, gym or residential purposes, the Perka Model 10000 offers again much versatility along with its strong, durable and very structurally stout appeal.