Perka is about seeking out S.A.F.E. stress free solutions. (especially for building) So in all aspects of our buildings we design and fabricate them to be:

  1. STRONG: to endure the test of time through the many differing challenges from Mother Nature.
  2. AFFORDABLE: to give you USE value that will be an asset and not a liability that you can pass on from generation to generation.
  3. FLEXIBLE: to be able to adapt to your exact needs and any changes that can pop up, today and in the future.
  4. EASY: to help make everyone’s life simpler and more stress free.

** From day 1, our buildings and any solutions were designed by a DO-IT YOURSELFER, FOR the DO-IT-YOURSELFER! Everything we were to create and do had to have elements of being quick and simple to build with as many pre-thought, pre-fit, pre-welded, pre-punched features as we could fit in!!