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Building Advisory and Services

Our Building Advisory & Service department is staffed with the most qualified professionals ready to answer your questions and address your building needs. You can use our online form to get a quote or request for additional information.  In addition, you can contact our Building Advisory and service department at our toll-free number 800-467-3752 (800-GO-PERKA). Give us just a few minutes of your time and see how Perka Hybrid Buildings can give you VALUE that goes beyond a "LOW PRICE"!!!  We are STRONG... We are AFFORDABLE... We are FLEXIBLE... We are EASY!  Find out more! knowledge       pricevquality    

The Perka Advantage = Your Stress Free Solution

  • Use Steel Where Steel Is Needed
    • Superstructure
    • Bracing
    • Connections
    • Pre-Welded & Pre-Punched Clips
    • Pre-thought and pre-fit designs
    • Nothing goes into the ground to be eaten or rot away
  • Wood is easier to work with & is used where Wood Serves Best
    • Purlins & Girts (Secondaries)
    • Endposts/endwalls optional
    • Door and Window Installation
    • Easy to Finish and Insulate Inside with typical use of 24" on Centers
  • Envelope is Fully Customizable Anytime. No Need for Re-Engineering
  • We are the Factory,"If you can Draw it, We can Make it!"
  • Everything is designed for "STRONG, AFFORDABLE, FLEXIBLE & EASY" features throughout.

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Perka Board Super Insulator

Created by our founder, Perka Board Super Insulator is the recommended Insulation on all Perka Projects. Call us now!

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Veritas Systems Construction

The Construction Arm of Team Perka can build almost anything, but specialize in our wood/steel hybrid buildings.

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Upcoming Shows & Events

Come see us at one of our scheduled trade shows or events, including our model building that allows you to see and touch the hybrid system.

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Every Building we sell is a Custom Solution.

Most prefab steel buildings manufacturers only offer you one size. Perka is in the business of offering you the best quality, with the best service - no matter what the design. Get your free quote today!