Adding Cranes to Perka buildings is no problem and we have been doing it for some time now. The real problem behind Crane buildings is not the price but the amount of information that a builder provides the designer. A poor design, using assumptions, will always equal a high bid. At Perka, we take no short cuts and our designers never cheat on quality or ever compromise integrity for the sake of a sale.
Here is what we need to know to get you the absolute BEST  and MOST ACCURATE possible price:

  1. What is the rated Crane capacity?
  2. What is the actual weight of the crane system (Dead Load)?
  3. Weight of the hoist itself?
  4. Speed of hoist (Single or Double)?
  5. Class of Service (Light, Moderate, or Severe)?
  6. Over or under hung type crane (Single or Double girder)?
  7. Wheel base length of end trucks?
  8. Overall dimensions of crane (Clearance for lift, corbels, etc.)?
  9. Can we design with fixed connections (More anchor bolts, bigger piers – lighter frames)?

Keeping your crane building price down, here are some of the things that help the frame design:

  1. Lighter the crane system the better, newer models are being built today with lighter materials.
  2. Slower hoist speed means less “jerk” in movement, which is less strenuous on design.
  3. Lower class of service allows for lower “safety factors” and makes design lighter.
  4. Larger wheel span on the trucks allows for a better distribution of the weight and makes for lighter point loads.
  5. A double girder system is also better as it distributes loads over more than one point.
  6. Fixed connection allows us to lighten the columns since forces are transferred to piers, which lightens our frame! Sending in crane specification sheets, from the supplier, is also very helpful!