All Steel Buildings

  1. Wider/longer bay spacing, usually 20-25 feet. Set for door openings.
  2. Optional pre-framed windows and doors.
  3. Low roof pitch, normally suggesting 1:12; some say it looks better.
  4. 26 gauge sheeting; thicker.
  5. Fewer frames to erect, effecting contractor’s time.
  6. Less concrete due to lower number of piers and although in many cases fixed connection (which will offset some of this savings).
  7. Insurance may be better as a non-combustion building.


  1. Worst possible building for collapse in case of fire. Fire Department will not normally enter the building.
  2. Bolts are used instead of tek screws to apply the purlins and girts. So excess snow or ice levels, or excess wind up-lift causes the building to stretch, twist, and could collapse down as the bolts will not give.
  3. By using 26 gauge sheeting, and the low roof pitch, they generally require the use of caulking which will dry out, shrink, crack and results in eventually roof leaks.
  4. By using 26 gauge or 24 gauge sheeting, with purlins on 48 inch O.C. (or more), the allowable uniform load is much less compared to purlins with 24” O.C. or less spacings.
  5. A tek screw is used to fasten steel sheeting to steel purlin (vs. steel/wood), resulting in potential for up to 100%leaking as steel will not absorb water.
  6. The plate steel type frame is very wobbly or flexing during the erecting stage and requires a great deal of bracing during construction.
  7. To finish the inside with drywall or plywood, requires the application of strapping as the girts can be 48” to 84” O.C. You’re actually building another building inside to finish.
  8. The fixed connection uses 10-15% more concrete in piers and is a less stable construction design, providing an overall limiting design safety factor.
  9. Most all steel building manufacturer/suppliers offer only a ONE YEAR warranty.
  10. Typical application of insulation is a squeezed fiberglass option – offering a much reduced actual R- value and absolutely no reflective protection from radiant heat, unless covered with foil.
Wood Only (Pole Barn) Buildings

  1. Trusses are closer together, usually 4’ to 6’ O.C. and very seldom 8’ or more.
  2. Metal roof is screwed to wood purlins. Chances of leaking is almost nil.
  3. Easier to put in windows and doors with wood girts than steel girts.
  4. Can easily make decisions on windows and door openings after the roof is installed.
  5. Wood is more acceptable as it reflects a comfort zone in building or framing as in a “home”.
  6. Wood is a non conductor of heat/cold and is a good insulant and thermo break product.
  7. Easier to find home builder type contractor vs. steel erectors for the building. Less costly per hour for labor and for lower rates on workman’s compensation insurance. Also trades to work with wood are more readily available.
  8. Note: If steel was really that great then the home industry over the past 25 years would have captured more than the ¼ of 1 percent market share they have now.
  9. Wood is warm and more comfortable.


  1. 1. The purlins are applied horizontally, not vertically, causing a wavy roof system.
  2. The wave of the roof stretches the metal causing screws or nails to pull out.
  3. Trusses being 4’, 6’ or 8’ O.C. makes for a good landing pad for the birds to perch themselves on and make a mess of the inside of the building.
  4. With wood trusses, there are limitations to head room if and when needed.
  5. Columns are not engineered causing not much security with high winds and snow.
  6. Columns 6’ to 8’ O.C. there is no chance to enter in the side of the building with a 10 or 12’ door or wider.
  7. Frame assembly and erection typically requires extensive bracing and/or tie downs to prevent collapse until purlins are installed and metal is on roof.
  8. Under fire you can open the roof to rid the excess heat will help but usually entire building is lost.
  9. Non-engineered columns can collapse due to heavy uplift wind, snow/ice loads or fire.
Wood and Steel Buildings…The Perka Advantage  —  20 Great Reasons To Buy From Perka
  1. Wood is NOT a Conductor of hot or cold and energy costs are rising through the roof! YOU SAVE MONEY!
  2. Our clips are welded on! YOU SAVE MONEY!
  3. Wood allows for easier door and window installation. Hammer and nails are easier than a blowtorch or welder. You can install the openings whenever and wherever you want. YOU GET CONVENIENCE AND SAVE TIME & MONEY!
  4. Because wood purlins and girts are spaced at 24” inch centers the interior is ready to be finished. EASY TO WORK WITH!
  5. Also with steel purlins, Tek screws and washers are used to attach metal and in 5 years or so the screws and washers may leak. Wood will not leak because the wood will swell to seal the hole. MAINTENANCE FREE!
  6. It is easier finding carpenters to put up a wood building. Steel erectors cost more and carpenters are very creative. EASIER and LESS COSTLY!
  7. In the event of wind up-lift, snow or ice loads or fire, you’ll never lose a whole building. You may lose a bay but that it. If a fire breaks out in an all steel building, because the metal twists and bends, the steel purlins pull the other frames in collapsing the whole building. Perka Buildings have purlins and girts in wood – that burn up and allow the roof section to collapse but not the whole structure. AND this actually vents the heat and the Perka steel frame remains untouched. The frame survives and after the clean up, the building will be ready for new wood purlins and girts to be replaced and the new exterior to be put on. A SAFER BETTER INVESTMENT!
  8. Because we use steel frames for the main superstructure, Perka Buildings can have wider and longer bay spacings than wood buildings. MORE FLEXIBLE and PRACTICAL!
  9. Perka steel frames have longer and wider bays, we have fewer columns and this means less foundation “holes” than wood (pole) buildings. AND columns sitting on piers are always better than wood poles in the ground. Pole buildings do not meet code! MORE DURABLE!
  10. Design flexibility; get the building you want and need, not one that might work for you. If you need more – ASK! (ie. Inside width and height can be made to the inch and the length is endless. WE ADJUST FOR YOU!
  11. You get anchor bolt plans in less than 5 days, engineered data drawings in 7-10 days and the building is delivered in 4-6 weeks. If you need it sooner, we will work something out with you. FAST NEIGHBORLY SERVICE!
  12. Exterior choices are unlimited. By turning the wood purlins to a vertical position you can virtually add ANY finish you want. Just like a roof/wall in your house! You can have the nicest looking building in your area – with STEEL inside! Instead of looking like a “shed” it can look just like your house or existing business. EASY TO WORK WITH and FINISH!
  13. Perka has an easy to read and nicely detailed 32 page assembly guide made with the “Do It Yourself” or carpenter builder in mind. REAL EASY TO PUT UP!
  14. 50 Year Warranty – We put our money where our mouth is. Most other companies only offer one year. PERKA IS MADE TO LAST!
  15. Perka Prefit Certification guarantee. Every Perka building is pre-assembled and inspected prior to delivery. NO WASTED TIME ON THE JOB SITE!
  16. Perka uses expandable ends, so future additions or building expansions are made easily. All you have to do is take out the posts, girts and sheeting and add on another frame. THINKING OF THE FUTURE!
  17. Winner of the Gold Key award for nine years running. This is voted by contractors and we receive it for our superior service and quality. ONLY THE BEST FOR OUR CLIENTS!
  18. With Perka we have a standard or typical roof pitch for each model but we can design the building with ANY pitch you want.  ALWAYS MADE TO ORDER!
  19. Perka can mix wood with steel to the point that you can have a wood frame with clear spans on one end and steel or steel expandable frames on the other end and for all clear spans we would use steel. TOTALLY FLEXIBLE and INGENIOUS DESIGNS!
  20. We have over 500 different frames with 5000 different configurations. WHATEVER YOU NEED – WE’VE GOT IT!