The Perka Model 4000 frame is one of our more economical steel frame designs and the one our clients prefer the best. The open web truss tapered leg design allows us to save on steel required to make them meet codes… especially as compared to a standard I-Beam Leg, making it more economical.  The scissor cut type truss/roof rafter gives you plenty of head room as well as a great space for putting through conduit.  It also allows you to put in a higher opening for a door than the eave height!

The Model 4000 side wall height is measured to the top of the frame’s eave (not the purlin or sheeting) and has a typical pitch of 3:12.  That said almost any pitch can be designed for your individual needs.

This is a great frame for most Ag/farm applications like implement sheds, grain storage and even livestock as well.  It’s also great for garages, sheds, workshops, storage/warehousing and even open floor manufacturing.  There is a lot of flexibility and versatility in these (as with most Perka Frame Models!).

*** If you prefer not to have the tapered leg – we do have several options with straight legs…  check out our other Models – like 5000, 5400, 6000, 7000, 8000 and 10000. ***